integrated insights

What if you had an analytics consultant who completely understood you?

  • Speaks your lingo.
  • Anticipates what you’re driving after.

  • Provides leadership on the complexities of integrating insights from customer data!

About you - My Ideal Client


Data Centric

You have data - survey, sales, loyalty, enrollment, digital, open end, or diagnostic.


Customer Centric

Your data is all about the customer - their perceptions, preferences, opinions, behaviors (online and offline), needs, experiences, desires, purchases, recommendations and/or choices.


Values Integrated Insights

You need that data to be integrated and insightful. And no team, out-of-box solution or vendor is doing that quite how you need it!


And above all

You need that data to have an impact! To help you see what matters and be completely trustworthy so you make the best decisions.

I’m here for you, just for those reasons. Here’s what to expect

We’ll work together to build the foundation of great stories.

Stories that fuel customer insight and compel business action.

We move quickly to what’s most valuable and impactful to
you - results.

Richer results that are integrated across data sources.

In turn, you:
  • ...make better decisions, faster
  • ...gain greater insights
  • ...feel empowered to act confidently

Data is hard. Integration is key.
Let’s work together to achieve insights that are...


Greater data complexity is an on-going trend. Solving that gets us to analytics that are integrated, intuitive and easy to run with.


I develop precise data management, reporting and analytic solutions that map directly to your data and give you exactly what’s needed.


A well architected foundation ensures insights and recommendations are anchored in credible customer analysis and findings.


My service philosophy is simple - deliver high value analytic services while offering a great consulting experience. That’s my promise.

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