Aguirre Analytics Consulting

As your principal analytic consultant, I partner with you to eliminate the guess work from your go-to-market strategy. We’ll literally connect the dots with a highly formalized analytic engine. An insight engine that’s intuitive, quantifies what’s working and allows you to precisely track performance. All while leveraging cutting edge analytic methods that identify root causes that drive market outcomes.

Clients’ need to solve for…



Your market problems aren’t simple but require a simple, elegant solution to communicate what’s critical and how that will be solved.



Once the core insights communicate the path forward, we’ll operationalize for scale.



We won’t get lost in technical details and do data science for its own sake – we’ll be completely focused on driving tangible business impact.

These problems are hard.
Let’s partner to solve them.

Expect our partnership will drive solutions that offer…


Data complexity is often a hurdle to intuitive results.
The right framework offers a singular truth.


An insight framework is the map.
And maps solutions to relevant problems for precise decision-making.


Solutions are backed by state-of-the-art analytic methods.
Probability scoring ensures we can quantify our degree of certainty.


You’re a partner in the process.
Staying clear of black box solutions ensures everything makes sense.

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